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Q & A regarding the RFP for Human Resource & Labor Negotiation Services

Q: Do you have current job descriptions for all positions?  If so, have they been reviewed with all employees and signatures obtained?

A: We have job descriptions for all positions, but they are not signed by the employee.

Q: Do you have an Employee Handbook/Policy Manual?  If so, when was the last update done?

A: We have a policy manual.  It is updated annually.  The last comprehensive revision was over 20 years ago. 

Q: What is the average annual/monthly turnover across all departments?  

A: We don’t track turnover statistics; however, turnover is generally low. 

Q: What is the interview process?  Is interviewing done by the HR consultant, by the department head/supervisor, or a combination? 

A: Interviews are handled by the department head and if requested, HR consultant.  Interviews for appointed department head positions usually involve one or two commissioners.

Q: Can you provide any more details on the hiring process?  When there is a need to hire, who is responsible for the advertising, job posting, and all costs associated with the hiring?  

A: Departments identify the need to hire and obtain approval from the county commission to advertise for the position. HR consultant arranges advertising in the newspaper, with the state Department of Labor and Regulation and internally.  The only costs are typically for newspaper advertising, which are covered by the County.

Q: Are there any normal meetings the HR consultant would be required to attend (ex: County Commissioner meeting)?  

A: The HR consultant attends most, but not all weekly commissioner meetings.  Meetings can be attended virtually.

Q: What is the current Performance Review process and the extent of HR’s involvement (ex: HR writes all Performance Reviews, HR reviews all Performance Reviews, HR sits in on all Performance Review meetings, etc.)? 

A: Department heads complete performance reviews. HR assists the department head with employee performance issues if requested.

Q: What is the last date a wage and salary review was performed for the County for all positions?  

A: The last compensation review was done about 20 years ago.  The county anticipates the need for such a study soon.

Q: What is the number of parties typically involved in the labor negotiations, the number of meetings required, and the average time requirement? 

A: HR consultant handles negotiations. There are usually one or two face-to-face meetings with the union representatives followed by email and phone communications. 

Q: What is the anticipated length of the contract to be offered for this position?  

A: The county desires to begin the relationship with a one-year contract but is looking for a long-term HR solution.

Q: Re: billing/price – if a flat fee is proposed based on a defined Scope of Work, is the county open to an hourly billing rate if services are requested outside the Scope? 

A: At present, the HR consultant is an independent contractor paid a flat rate monthly. We would entertain a “menu” of recommended or possible services that could either be included in the base contract amount or paid for as needed.

Q: How is the county currently providing support to its workforce?

A: At present, the HR consultant is an individual independent contractor paid a flat rate monthly. The contractor works on an as-needed basis.

Q: Has a similar contract for these services been in place in the past?

A: This is the first time we have issued an RFP for these services. We expect a contract based on this RFP to provide roughly the same level of HR work as our current agreement.

Q: Is this RFP being extended as the result of a changed to administrative structure?

A: No. The RFP is being extended because of the current HR consultant’s (individual independent contractor) intent to retire.

Q: Has an HR practices review been conducted in the past 12 months?

A: No.