Lee Gabel

District 1

Charlie Waterman

District 2

Myron Johnson

District 3

Troy VanDusen
Vice Chairman

District 4

Randy Schweer

District 5


Codington County Commissioners

The Codington County Commissioners are responsible for the administration of every service that each county office provides.

The Codington County Commissioners positions are part-time, and they serve a four year term. Each county in South Dakota has a board of 3-5 Commissioners. They are elected to staggered terms of 4-years. Codington County Commissioners meet every Tuesday at 9:00 AM in the County Courthouse, 14 1st Ave. SE.

General Responsibilities

  • The care and preservation or sale of all county property
  • The audit of accounts of all offices having the care, management, collection or disbursement of any money belonging to the county
  • Levying taxes for County Services
  • Construction and repair of bridges
  • To open, lay out, vacate and change highways
  • To purchase or acquire grounds for courthouse, jail or other building sites
  • To establish election precincts in the county and appoint the judges of election
  • As a board of equalization, to equalize the assessment roll of the county in the manner provided by law
  • To furnish necessary equipment and supplies for county offices
  • To superintend the fiscal concerns of the county and secure their management in the best possible manner
  • To regulate the transaction of business in alcoholic beverages
  • To make ordinances prohibiting the sale or exhibition of any obscene matter
  • Zoning, solid waste and water management along with a host of other issues that arise affecting the county.

Current Commissioner Liaison/Board Appointments

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