The County Commissioners have instructed the CCJAC to carry out four basic tasks (shown below).The results of this work are shown in the reports linked under each task. These reports are posted as they are completed. The CCJAC is currently focused on the second task.  Key documents are in bold type.

(1) Review the work done prior to the election in November 2014 to determine the need for further analysis.

(2) Further analyze or recommend ways to obtain needed analysis. This is intended to assess the need for court and jail space into the future.

(3) Recommend criteria to use in evaluating options to resolve court and jail space needs. This will include such things as minimum space (type and size) requirements, construction costs, operating costs and efficiency. These will be developed from information gathered in the second task.

(4) Recommend options for resolving court and jail space needs. This will develop options to meet Codington County’s justice space needs. The criteria from the third task will be used to screen and compare these options.

Learning about possible options

       Developing options

Exploring Options for Cooperating with other Counties