Codington County Justice Advisory Committee

Courthouses & jails enable justice to function, because they are the places where much of the due process of law happens.  According to state law, Counties in South Dakota are responsible to provide adequate court and jail facilities.

The Codington County Justice Advisory Committee (CCJAC) exists to examine the issues surrounding the County’s legal responsibility to provide adequate jail and court space.

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Agendas & Minutes

CCJAC Work (Reports & Analysis)

Q & A

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Pre-CCJAC Information

CCJAC Origination Documents

Committee Members

Voting Members: Larry Wasland, Al Koistenen, Matt Kranz, Jeanne Horning, Sheriff  Brad Howell, Commissioner Troy VanDusen, Commissioner Lee Gabel (Chair)

Non-voting Members: The Honorable Robert Spears, State’s Attorney Rebecca Morlock-Reeves, Chief Corrections Officer Matt Blackwelder

Useful links

3rd Judicial Circuit

South Dakota Codified Laws

Title 16:  Courts

Chapter 24-11:  Jails

Standards, Best Practices – Courts

US Courts Design Guide

National Center for State Courts’ Guidelines for Best Practices In Court Security

National Center for State Courts’ Steps to Best Practices for Court Building Security

National Sheriff’s Association Courthouse Security Checklist

National Center for State Courts Planning and Design Guide for Court Facilities

National Center for State Courts report on Courthouse Violence 2010-2012

Michigan Court Planning and Design Guide

Standards, Best Practices – Jails

National Institute of Corrections’ Jail Design Guide

American Corrections Association Core Jail Standards (linked from