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Codington County is happy to partner with the South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA) to process applications for SD Cares housing assistance for South Dakotans who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and need help paying their housing expenses including rent, mortgage, and utilities.

Assistance provided is not a loan and does not have to be paid back. Payment is made directly to the landlord, mortgage servicer, or utility provider on the applicant’s behalf. Households who may have current protections in place such as an eviction moratorium, should inquire about this financial assistance.

Potential applicants can visit SD Cares Housing and Utilities Assistance to verify eligibility requirements and to begin the application process. Those without internet access can contact the Codington County Welfare Office at 605-882-6286 to apply.

Systems of Care

For information on local resources, visit the Codington Connects website at

County Services

Codington County Community Services provides emergency assistance for indigent individuals who are county residents and meet the eligibility criteria, as outlined in the Codington County approved guidelines and state statutes.  This program is a resource of last resort which assists individuals who have no other public or private third-party coverage.

Depending upon funding and eligibility, available emergency services may include shelter, rent, utility bills, medications, emergency transportation, burials, or hospital bills. County assistance is provided only when other resources have been exhausted. We also strive to promote collaborative efforts by ensuring that all individuals and families locate alternative supportive resources that will educate, empower, and assist them in reaching their maximum potential for self sufficiency.

Economic Assistance

Economic Assistance is an emergency assistance program. Eligibility is based on state statute and county guidelines. The amount of assistance granted is established in the county guidelines. For all assistance granted a state statute requires that a lien is placed against the individual. Economic Assistance is not an on-going program, but is designed to address the immediate need.

Due to the attachment of a lien, the individual is encouraged to exhaust all other resources prior to making application with the county. The county will assist in making appropriate referrals and can act as an advocate on the individual's behalf.

Types of assistance provided:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Emergency Transportation

Medical Assistance

The county is a resource of last resort and requires that all other resources be exhausted first. Medical Assistance is determined by a formula established in the state statutes. The individual's availability and affordability of health care coverage will be one determining factor of eligibility. All medical services must meet the criteria of medical necessity set by state statute. The county works directly with medical providers and past and current employers in assessing eligibility. The county must approve non-emergency medical procedures prior to the services being performed. The county investigates any potential third-party payee. If the county approves financial assistance, a repayment plan will be established.

Types of assistance provided:

  • Medication
  • Hospital
  • Any other medical need that is referred by a physician

Funeral Assistance

Codington County Community Services provides financial assistance for funeral services and burials for qualified individuals. Referrals are made by the funeral home making arrangements

Codington County is leading an effort by social service providers to improve social services in our community. The mission is to “Build a system of care through collaboration across agencies, families, and individuals for the purpose to identify and improve social services that meet the needs of Codington County Residents.”

The strategic planning process has identified 4 priority areas that the Codington County Social Services Advisory Council is focused on. The priorities are:

  • Housing: Develop safe, affordable housing that meets community needs including emergency & transitional housing
  • Mental Health: Create an environment that informs, encourages, and supports mental health wellness
  • Community Transformation: Build a support network for all residents that builds life skills and relationships across the community
  • Centralized services & education: Establish a centralized system of care that supports residents in need with services provided in a cohesive manner before, during, and after a crisis

Each priority area has established a working group to take action on addressing these needs. In addition, a childcare working group is also working to address child care needs in the community.

The complete strategic plan is attached. For more information, contact the Community Services Office.

Strategic Planning Report June 2022